Teeth Straightening Reimagined

Upgrade your smile with bespoke invisible aligners. Orthodontics made accessible with expert dentist involvement every step of the way.

Dentist Involvement

Your teeth are an important asset - don’t compromise on their care. With Linea, a licensed Australian dentist or orthodontist oversees your treatment, meaning your future smile is guaranteed by an expert.

How Linea Works

Redefine your smile in three simple steps

1. Professional Review

A licensed partner dentist near you will properly assess your teeth and gums and take professional 3D scans of your teeth.

2. Smile Design

Our orthodontic team will use the scans to craft a bespoke treatment plan for you. We will walk you through the details and you’ll be able to interact with a 3D simulation of your transformation prior to starting your journey.

3. Track Progress

Our partner dentist will fit the aligners to your teeth and perform any procedures crucial to treatment success, like IPR or attachments. Our local team will then help you track progress remotely and are available 7 days to answer any questions.

Bite Scan

Our 3D bite scans are taken directly by the dentist, using the latest in scanning technology. These professional scans are far more accurate that those gathered from at-home teeth impression kits, leading to better tracking and ultimately more accurate results.

Treatment Plan

Our bespoke treatment plans are engineered by our orthodontics team and are designed with the unique proportions of your face in mind, to create a perfectly personalised smile that is uniquely your own.

Why Linea Is Better

We’re partnering with dental leaders across Australia to make orthodontic clear aligners an accessible, reliable and safe solution for every smile.



Braces At-Home Aligners
Expert dentist involvement
Erkodur premium aligner material
Bespoke dentist-approved plans
Professional Intraoral 3D scans
Remote progress tracking
7 day access to local customer care
6 month est. treatment time
Retainer included for free
Australian owned and operated
Patient Account Centre
Founded by dentists
Teeth whitening included for free

Common Cases




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TrustPilot Reviews

Hear from our customers why Linea is the no. 1 choice for clear aligner therapy

Samuel Schepis

Whenever I had questions they were answered, and the process is 100% worth it. My teeth look amazing, and I am stoked with the outcome! I wish I did it sooner, but Im glad I chose Linea!


Angela Tsou

A lovely experience that wasn’t overly complicated. Linea was very attentive to what I wanted to achieve and loved how easy the whole process was.


Randall Lim

I chose Linea to straighten my teeth because I liked the fact that they work together with a dentist throughout. I was initially a bit nervous, but the process turned out to be pretty easy and straightforward.



I certainly recommend Linea to friends and family. If you want good results, quickly, under dentist supervision without forking out unnecessarily for an orthodontist, Linea is the way to go.

Mark F.
Case: Crowding
Duration: 9 months
Samuel S.
Case: Crowding
Duration: 6 months
Jonathan B.
Case: Protrusion
Duration: 8 months
Madeline S.
Case: Crowding
Duration: 7 months
Tara E.
Case: Protrusion
Duration: 5 months
Michael S.
Case: Crowding
Duration: 7 months
Randall L.
Case: Crooked Tooth
Duration: 6 months
Angelina T.
Case: Crooked Tooth
Duration: 6 months

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